welcome to Billie’s cancer project unicorn book fundraiser

welcome to Billie’s cancer project unicorn book fundraiser

welcome to Billie’s cancer project unicorn book fundraiserwelcome to Billie’s cancer project unicorn book fundraiserwelcome to Billie’s cancer project unicorn book fundraiser

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The above link for donating w/o a purchase is a paypal. There is a Venmo account open. It is Billie Saunders @ Billie-Saunders-4 if that is a preferred method of donating instead. Thank you so very much.    Billie Saunders 

A drawing given to me by a sweet child when I went through chemo the first time.
(Drawing of me given by a sweet child during first chemo.)


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Billie’s cancer project. We hope you enjoy the site.

MOST (but not all) purchase donation options are for you as a participant of kindness purchasing this book to be given by our program to youth all over the United States. 


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Yes I have cancer for the second time

In 2016 I had 3 surgeries. In Dec 2016 a speedy surgery was performed to remove tumors In my upper left side and lymph nodes. Very intens, hard Chemo quickly followed with tremendous side effects and radiation thereafter. The scans that WERE performed after treatment come back clear, but oh there was so much more. Fast forward 2+ years. I start coughing and coughing and coughing. Pain and shortness of breath. Lack of ability to climb the stairs with ease until walking to the car became laboring. After doing everything all the doctors I saw recommended from ALL the allergy pills, inhaler, x-ray, pulmonary testing etc. a CT scan was finally recommended. Yikes cancer in the lungs. A PET scan was then ordered for a more accurate perspective and HOLY @#?! it is everywhere! My lungs my ribs my sternum my back my hip bone. I think I could make my own Billie lake with all the tears I’ve cried. I can’t work full days because I get so fatigued, but I have to work. It is so expensive I’m so far behind. What can I do I ask myself? This is a huge plunge to reach out with this. I’ll tell you why. One of the first reviews my book received was from a total stranger who was very ’and I mean VERY’ cranky. She hashed the crud out of my book. Before I published a teacher who specializes in dyslexia edited my book and told me just by my writing I was dyslexic. I put my book away for a whole year before I decided that I’m totally ok With what she threw at me out of the blue. I decided to again publish my story. Kids don’t care about structure and perfection of someone’s perfect writing style. I’m taking a vulnerable risk putting this out there, but I have too. I’m out of options and it’s a simple, but cute story line. Ask the youth. Their opinions matter most not cranky adults and I need your support. Besides, as I grow I’m going to create a place that any cancer patient can come to for a moment of escape. Plants and flowers and singing birds with a water fall trickling in the background and fish in a pond with comfy chairs to recline in. I’ll add the option of a good massage with healthy oils that doesn’t cost every stinking time and juicing and smoothies of all natural things with beautiful music playing in the background. If I can get puppy visits surely I will add that and even baby goats if I can. Good life things that lift the spirits and maybe even a paint station to let go and just splash color back into life for a few moments out of the stress and anxious days. If you know anyone with cancer those days are there and if they don’t  think about dying from it then I want to be them! It’s a darn roller coaster ride of trying to eliminate as much stress as possible which is like moving a mountain with a plastic kids shovel. These are my goals and the books will go to kids all over. The story ”gives hope” says one gal and who doesn’t need a little of that.

Thank you for being you. You make the world that much more special just by being here in it! Toodles, Billie 

The Hidden Land of Umble and the First Unicorn Book

Did You Know...

The Illustrator for this book worked for me as part of a high school program. It was her first published work.

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